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New Books Bring More Experiences to Students

One school's student librarian desk.
For one primary school in the village of La Plaine on the island of Dominica, a CFC-supported organization has drastically changed the lives of its students by filling its library with new books to read.
With the arrival of the new books, students’ literacy rates improved. One girl, a second grader, originally read at a grade K level – within months, she was reading at the grade three level.
“She tested out of… [a] remedial reading program, and she had borrowed and read the most books in our school last year,” one faculty member explains. 
The library has also given students another opportunity – the chance to be student librarians. The students love the responsibility of being student librarians, and really enjoy helping other students find the right book. 
Having this beautiful library packed with exciting books has really helped the school’s students and teachers – even the parents have gotten excited about reading.