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OPM recognizes the 2016 CFCNCA for innovative strategy, awards unsung “heroes”

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It was an exciting and successful year for the 2016 Combined Federal Campaign of The National Capital Area. Federal employees showed some love to the charities they were most passionate about, raising an impressive $47.4 million. For the first time in four years, the CFCNCA increased its participation rate and reversed the 10-year trend in declining participation. Importantly, the campaign surpassed its pledge goal and exceeded the previous year’s performance.

Because of this success, OPM recognized the 2016 CFCNCA with an Innovator Award – presented to campaigns that executed an innovative strategy leading to increased participation or contributions – for implementation of the Show Some Love theme.

The popularity of the Show Some Love theme extended beyond the boundaries of the CFCNCA. Not only was it used in the three other campaigns administered by Global Impact, but was used in 20 additional CFCs around the country. The theme was universally well received, as demonstrated by this comment from a campaign worker:

“I believe the Show Some Love theme was a genius stroke of marketing … it did strike exactly the right chord that resulted in our exceeding our goal for the campaign.”

These achievements were made possible by the dedication of campaign workers, the unsung heroes who work so hard to make a difference and demonstrate leadership throughout the campaign and beyond. We are pleased to announce that OPM has recognized three such individuals from the National Capital Area. Congratulations to our OPM Hero Award winners: Stephanie Pettway, JeanMarie Komyathy and Tom Crispell. These individuals truly went above and beyond to implement the campaign and inspire their fellow Federal employees to Show Some Love.

Stephanie Pettway
As the Special Program Coordinator for the Department of Defense Voluntary Campaigns Office, Stephanie Pettway is responsible ensuring the success of the CFC within the DoD in the National Capital Area and also supports DoD CFC activity worldwide.

Ms. Pettway successfully fulfills her official responsibilities and manages to do far more than what is expected of her. She is a self-motivator with an enormous amount of energy and positivity. Her coworkers, the LEs and others she interacts with depend upon her smile and can-do attitude. Her commitment to public service extends beyond her dedication to the CFC. Each year she gives countless hours of her own time - evenings and weekends - helping others in need.

JeanMarie Komyathy
At the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), JeanMarie Komyathy is like a one-woman baseball team when it comes to the CFC - serving as a captain to motivate others, a coach to map out strategic direction and an MVP on the field. Ms. Komayathy took her CFC game to an entirely new level in 2016, as she elevated the agency's performance beyond expectations.

One of her biggest achievements was the creation of NCUA's Social Responsibility Working Group to coordinate the agency's CFC and Feds Feed Families efforts. The group's enthusiasm flowed throughout NCUA, and led to increased interest and participation. Additionally, Ms. Komayathy coordinated the agency's most successful live auction ever, raising $37,000 in a single day, introduced new events like a mocktail party to kick off the campaign, and implemented new marketing tools like circulating a coin jar among offices each week to support special causes, raising over $2,400.

Tom Crispell
Tom Crispell has served as the CIA's Loaned Executive and Campaign Manager for the past six years. As a Loaned Executive, Mr. Crispell played the pivotal role in personally securing senior leadership participation and workforce engagement, drafting agency-specific workforce communications for the Director and other top leaders within the organization. These communications resulted in increased campaign awareness and a spike in donations. Mr. Crispell personally trained over 2,000 Keyworkers, managed a team of 25 senior coordinators from across the agency and arranged for Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, to serve as a keynote speaker for the CIA 2016 CFC kickoff event.

Mr. Crispell managed the day-to-day campaign activities for the CIA including designing additional, complimentary marketing materials to boost CFC exposure within his agency. He also volunteered to serve as one of the faces of the 2016 campaign by participating in the Show Some Love photo shoot; his image and personal cause were featured on marketing, advertising and training materials.

Thank you to all those who participated in the 2016 campaign, and congratulations again to our Hero Award winners!