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Latest News & Events

CFCNCA Finale Celebrates 2014 Fundraising Season

2014 LEs and LFCC Members with the Big Check

The CFCNCA Finale on March 12, 2015 was an energy-filed celebration of the 2014 fundraising season.  Attendees had the opportunity to explore the venue, the National Museum of Natural History, at a Before-Hours Viewing of Mammals Hall.  Following this unique experience was the Awards Ceremony in the museum’s Baird Auditorium.  

2014 CFCNCA Finale

The 2014 Campaign Finale event will take place on Thursday, March 12 at the National Museum of Natural History.  This event, co-hosted by CFC and Smithsonian Institution, is a celebration of Campaign Workers and all those who made it possible this year.

USITC Chili Cook-Off

A packed house at the USITC Chili Cook-Off

The U.S. International Trade Commission held a Chili Cook-Off earlier this month, which drew a huge crowd of employees. This successful event also featured a gift basket silent auction to benefit the CFC.

CSOSA Campaign Team Meetings


The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) determined that frequent communication was key in running a successful campaign, so their campaign leadership team has met once a week since late July. This week was their last meeting of this year's CFC, which they celebrated by snapping a group photo!

NPS Book & Bake Sale

An employee peruses the NPS bake sale

The National Park Service (of the Department of the Interior) held a book sale and bake sale earlier this month.  Held in their lobby, the event gave NPS employees a chance to benefit CFC while filling their libraries and their stomachs!

Department of Education Charity Fair

Dept. of Education Charity Fair

Before everyone headed out of the office for Thanksgiving, the Department of Education held a charity fair at their offices at Potomac Plaza, SW.  At least ten different charities were there, allowing employees to discover new causes and organizations.

DOC CFC Holiday Video

Check out this video made by the Department of Commerce, featuring their Campaign Manager Paulo Mendes. This is one great way to thank campaign workers and donors during the holiday season.

NASA HQ Talent Show

NASA Talent Show

NASA Headquarters creatively chose to turn their holiday party into a CFC event by holding a talent show!  The event collected almost $500, as employees donated to vote on who was the best performer.  Campaign Manager Thomas Hayes and Deputy Manager Kiki Michelli participated by singing and dancing, along with many other felow NASA HQ employees.