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Success Stories

Improving the Lives of Many in a Community in Cambodia

Nub Chin tests for malaria in a patient.
Nub Chin and her family currently live in a malaria endemic forest in Kratié Province, Cambodia. Many of her fellow villagers are smallholder farmers who work on their farms daily in order to make a living, so malaria has the potential to significantly impact their work life when it goes untreated.
Although malaria is easy to treat, it remains to be a problem for many who do not have access to a health center or health practitioners.

Battling ALS: A Veteran’s Bravery and Determination

A soldier training.
After 23 years in the military as a Navy SWCC boat operator transporting Navy SEALs, George has seen some tough fights. Right now, though, he is fighting for his life, as ALS has taken away his body’s ability to move, speak and breathe.  
ALS has been recognized as a service-connected disease due to the disproportionate number of military veterans who have been diagnosed with the disease.

New Books Bring More Experiences to Students

One school's student librarian desk.
For one primary school in the village of La Plaine on the island of Dominica, a CFC-supported organization has drastically changed the lives of its students by filling its library with new books to read.
With the arrival of the new books, students’ literacy rates improved.

A Dream Fulfilled – Becoming a Marine

Tim experiencing basic training.
Ever since Tim was just a little boy, he dreamed of serving his country by joining the military. His cousin, Anthony, was a Marine and would often share stories of being in the service, which inspired Tim to be a Marine himself when he was old enough. 
Just before his high school graduation, however, Tim was devastated to learn that his diagnosis of cystic fibrosis prevents him from enlisting and serving in the military.

Improved Literacy Opens Doors for Children

Children proudly display their new library books.
This year, for the first time ever, every single Grade 6 pupil at the 135-student school on the island of St. Vincent has passed the Caribbean Primary School Examination, the ultimate measure of primary school educational achievement. 
The school’s success is due to the immense dedication the school’s principal, Ave-Maria, and Literacy Coordinator, Rouna, have applied towards raising child literacy levels.

Elly’s Story – Bringing Positive Change to the Child Care System

Elly and Camden
It was an ordinary day like any other when Elly and her husband received a call from their child care provider that their infant daughter, Camden, had somehow choked and was taken to a nearby hospital. The couple rushed to the emergency room, their hearts in their hands, hoping for the best, only to be told that their little girl had died of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID).
In the months that followed, more details about their case emerged from Child Protective Services and the local sheriff.

A Community of Support

Rick was born with a coarctation of the aorta – a condition in which an aorta is so narrow that it’s difficult for blood to be pumped through. Within days, he suffered from congestive heart failure.
That was just the beginning for Rick – he had his first surgery at age four and second at 13. Then, six years ago, he learned that he needed yet another surgery.
“This terrified me,” Rick said about his reaction to this news.
In need of support, Rick looked up a CFC-funded organization that serves people with congenital heart disease.

Saving Young Lives Through Research: Audrey

When Audrey was just eight months old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

The Best Day of My Life

Two girls, friends and classmates, stand side-by-side
Eleven-year-old Millicent describes April 14, 2015 as “the best day of my life.”  
That’s the day that schools officially reopened in Sierra Leone after a nine-month closure to help contain the spread of Ebola. The deadly virus claimed 3,955 lives across Sierra Leone, including 945 children. But last April, school bells rang again and children’s laughter could be heard on playgrounds across the country.

Landmine Clearance Lifts Family Out of Poverty

Landmine clearance.
Lak Senan and her husband, Nub Sena, live in the small village of Phnum Rai with their young son, Seyla Sovann. Until the arrival of a CFC-supported organization in 2013, their home was surrounded by minefields. Unable to farm the land due to the hidden mines, Nub Sena made a precarious living cutting down trees in the bordering forest. 
The minefield made day-to-day life in the village dangerous.