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Success Stories

Melissa – Mother, Childcare Provider and Family Advocate

Melissa and her family.
When Melissa and her first husband were active duty, the services offered through the military provided their children with great childcare. However, the family experienced difficulty when they both retired and Melissa left her husband due to domestic violence. Overnight, she became a single parent with three children under the age of six years old who needed childcare. She found herself struggling to make ends meet.
Melissa worked and went to school full-time while her children were in three different child care facilities.

Mentorship Programs Help Children Through Grief

Aaron at an event.
Aaron’s father lost his life while he serving his country in the U.S. military. Since then, Aaron found himself struggling. This hardship is a reality that many children with one or both parents in the military find themselves facing. 
“I often wondered if anybody in America cared about me or the thousands of kids like me,” Aaron said.
However, through the acts of one CFC-supported organization, Aaron and many other children in the same position have found stability again.

Finding Financial Stability

Marissa at a military event.
Marissa joined the United States Army in 2004, where she trained to become a military police officer and was then sent to her first duty station at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Her unit had already deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, and Marissa quickly joined them – they were tasked with the training and security of multiple Iraqi police stations. 
On Thanksgiving Day 2005, the vehicle Marissa was in was struck by four artillery rounds buried in the road. The blast killed two Americans and an Iraqi police colonel.

Creating Lasting Transformation for a Better Future

When communities define their own goals up front, the result is greater buy-in and lasting transformation – that’s what one CFC-supported organization has found through their various programs.
At the outset of a new program, the organization engages the villagers in appraisal activities to help participants define community assets and needs, what they want to accomplish together and what kinds of projects will help them achieve their goals.

Regaining Independence Through Water Sports

After being severely injured in Iraq in 2006 by an improvised explosive device, Ryan, a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army, has had to learn to do many things all over again. 
“Before… I was very physically active, playing multiple sports – including swimming, white water rafting, football, wrestling and basketball,” Ryan says. His injuries, however, made it difficult to continue these activities.
However, with assistance from a CFC-supported charity, Ryan has begun to relearn some of these sports.

From Farm to Table

A local event.
Through the CFC, one organization was able to receive the funds necessary to host local events that highlight the ways in which technology is changing our daily lives: how we work, how we interact with physicians and even how we eat.

Youlande’s Story

A young girl smiles for the camera.
Youlande is seven years old and lives with her mom, dad and six siblings. Her mom takes care of the home and her dad is a mason who builds houses in the community. 
Youlande is currently in the third grade and really likes school, especially reading and grammar.

"I am a Survivor"

Cassandra was diagnosed with stage three infiltrating ductal carcinoma (IDC) on June 9, 2015, the day after her 41st birthday. After the chemotherapy sessions and mastectomy that followed, she fell into a deep depression. The mastectomy brought on some deep insecurities, especially when in the company of her peers – she didn’t feel like a full woman because she only had one breast.

The Elephant Trio: Finding Companionship After Hardship

Ronnie, Minnie and Debbie walking together
Minnie (born 1966), Debbie (born 1971) and Ronnie (born 1967) all arrived at the CFC-funded organization’s sanctuary in early 2006 after decades of traveling and performing for different circuses. All three elephants were born wild in Asia before being captured as calves and imported to North America. Minnie spent 17 years at a wild animal farm in Alberta, Canada, before being sold into the circus industry; Debbie spent over 20 years performing under big tops for a circus group; and Ronnie was imported in 1968, though little is known about where she spent her earliest years in the U.S.

Safer Hospitals Save More Lives

A mother holds her daughter.
When Fatuma leaves her job as a nurse every night to tuck her daughters into bed, she hopes she is not bringing home an illness that will harm them.
With help from a CFC-supported organization, Fatuma is now not only certain that she is safe at her job, but that her family, patients and neighbors are protected from infectious disease, as well. “If we are safe, the community is safe,” she says.