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Success Stories

A Soldier Finds Her Way After Returning Home

Shawna at work.

After serving a tour in Afghanistan, Shawna completed her time in the Army and came back home. Immediately after returning home, however, Shawna felt out of place in the community. On top of that, she had trouble finding a good job. 

Lending Library Opens New Doors for Children in the East Caribbean

Kevin holding a book.

Kevin is a sixth grader who has just gotten hooked on reading. Through the hard work and determination of a CFC-supported organization, Kevin’s small primary school in the remote countryside of the island of St. Vincent now has a lending library full of new, exciting books. Now, the organization continues to add to the collection.

Maria's Story


Maria is a young woman whose mother worked in the red light district near the city of Mumbai in India. She died of AIDS, leaving Maria on her own.

Maria now lives at an orphanage that is funded by a CFC-supported organization. With their help, she completed her high school education and has started her first year of university. After she completes her studies, she hopes to become an accountant – a dream she is well on her way to achieving.

A Young Swazi Man Gains a New Lease on Life

A health worker with a patient.
One day, a young man brought his sister to a CFC-supported organization campus, seeking help for her poor eyesight. He found himself being helped, as well. 
In a recent intensive surgical launch of comprehensive and restorative eye care services, 22-year-old Ndumiso accompanied his 7-year-old sister, Ebenezer, to the organization’s campus in central Swaziland, Africa.
“My father told me to bring her, because she doesn’t see well,” said Ndumiso.

Helping a Local Farmer Grow His Business – Providing Solutions to Agricultural Development

Cyprien is a vegetable farmer in Southern Benin. He’s supported himself and his family by growing and selling vegetables and pineapples, but like many farmers in Benin, Cyprien was never formally trained in cultivation techniques or marketing.
Then Cyprien participated in a CFC-supported organization’s project training, which taught him modern cultivation techniques to improve his vegetable crops and other important farming skills, such as the proper use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Helping Children to Grow and Thrive

Newborn care basket
Picture this: A smile that will melt your heart, eyes that express curiosity, ten fingers, ten toes and a laugh that is contagious. That’s what a baby has to offer. 
All this baby wants is love and protection.

Living in Wonder: Outdoor Kindergarten Embraces Imagination

Children in class at the outdoor kindergarten.
Young children don’t play outside like they used to, yet extensive research has shown that outdoor play is vital for the development of a healthy and happy child. Some educators, beginning in Europe, have taken that idea even further and created all-outdoor forest kindergartens.

Greenhouses Protect Crops in Guatemala – and Bring Independence to Families

Two women
Temperatures in the northwestern highlands of Guatemala can drop to freezing overnight, endangering tender crops and people’s livelihoods. Community greenhouses have proven to be an excellent solution to this challenge. 
One charity supported by the CFC has a program that helps bring greenhouses and training to communities in Guatemala.

Access to Clean Water Brings Change to a Community in Haiti

A young boy
When he’s not in school or playing, 11-year-old Adel makes about five trips a day to the water pump located at his school. He often goes with his two little brothers to get the water that his family of six requires for their daily needs, such as cooking, washing and drinking. 
Adel used to have to get water from the community’s natural spring – a much longer and more difficult process.

Summer Camp Helps Children Deal with Loss

Summer camp is a special place for kids to make new friends, try different activities and explore new possibilities. For the children of firefighters who died in the line of duty, there is a unique camp that offers all of this and much more. Since 2012, these camps, run by a CFC-supported organization, provide a unique approach to help these children find the comfort and support they need to cope with their grief. 
The fun and structured activities allow children from across the country to meet others in their age group with similar experiences.