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Success Stories

Program Paves the Way for Employee of the Month

Max, a native of Ohio, was a member of a program run by a CFC-funded organization while he was a student in the LIFE Program at George Mason University. 
Upon his graduation in 2013, he joined the organization’s job program for the area. He quickly found a position with his alma mater and began work at the George Mason Aquatic and Fitness Center as a fitness attendant.

I am Being Counted as a Person Again

Sabein was convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 1995 based solely on gunshot residue testimony.

Paddling as Therapy for Lower-Extremity Amputees

One day, a man suffered a close proximity IED blast while walking. The result was amputation, extensive damage to his gastrointestinal tract, a right hemispheric stroke and three months of left-sided hemiparesis. 
In addition, he suffered temporary reading and speaking issues, a broken right ankle, a puncture wound in his left bicep from shrapnel (still embedded) and mild to moderate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Paddling at a CFC-supported organization’s location helped him regain near perfect left-arm motor functioning.

Their Lives Went to The Dogs – Therapy Dogs Bring Healing and Independence

girl and dog
What do you get when you have a tiny girl with a horrific history of pre-adoptive abuse, a 65-pound version of Benji and a 91 pound white Golden Retriever? A kiddo who is successfully healing from a history of abuse and neglect.
One might say this family’s life has gone to the dogs. 
When Bekah arrived at her new family’s home, she was malnourished and had completely shut down as a result of her past abuse. She suffered from flashbacks and anxiety, and was wary around people.

Billie the Elephant

Billie was born in India in 1962. An elephant captured from the wild as a baby, she was brought to America for a life of performance and display. For decades, Billie crisscrossed the country, dazzling audiences as she performed breathtaking, difficult stunts – carrying humans, standing on a tub, balancing on one leg. Behind the scenes, Billie traveled for days in trucks, chained for hours on end, barely able to move. 
Circuses are highly demanding environments for elephants, with constant travel from one town to another, multiple shows per week and continuous noise.

Part of a Community

Joe was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, requiring his first open heart surgery at 54 hours old. 
Years later, Joe was preparing for his fourth open heart surgery, scheduled for two days before his 30th birthday, when he came across a sign at the adult congenital heart disease clinic he was visiting. It advertised a CFC-supported organization that he had never heard about before. 
Like many patients with congenital heart disease (CHD), Joe went many years without needing serious intervention.

Salim Odero: Recovery from Two Broken Hearts

Salim’s story is one that begins with sadness and woe, but ends with happiness and joy.
It started when he was only four months old and his father took him to a hospital in Kenya to be treated for malnourishment and pneumonia.

Bringing Water to Those Who Need it the Most

Indian reservation resident Emily used to have water available at her mobile home.
"We had water, but then the motor gave up," says Emily.
That was 10 years ago.
Since then, she’s had to walk hundreds of yards to her nearest neighbor with an empty 5-gallon container, and then carry it back home, full and heavy.
"It gets tiresome going back and forth to get water," Emily said.
Then after years of using water from her neighbors, they told she could no longer access their hydrant eve

Mentorship in the Field of Infectious Disease

Mentorship is a critical component of attracting young doctors to the field of infectious diseases—a field that is essential to addressing some of the most pressing public health issues facing our nation and the world today, from AIDS to Zika. This CFC-funded organization’s education and research provides funding for mentorship efforts. 
Sonali, MD, MPH, is a first-year infectious disease fellow. She credits mentorship to her decision to specialize in infectious disease. Sonali was a past participant in the organization’s foundation mentorship program.


Imagine being homeless for over 10 years, gradually losing hope of having your own home. That was Patricia’s life until very recently – switching back and forth between a homeless shelter and the streets, year after year.
Throughout the years that Patricia was a resident at a shelter run by a CFC-supported organization, housing opportunities came up but they were difficult to acquire, primarily due to the tremendous demand for those few openings.