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Success Stories

Certification Programs Offer New Opportunities and Hope

Tahir is the picture of resilience. He has struggled, but he has achieved, and he will soon add yet another accomplishment to his growing list – completion of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel course and internship at a CFC-supported organization.
Tahir was one of just two Excel interns this term. “Being an intern at [this organization] has been a very informative learning experience,” Tahir says.

Debate Helps Pave the Way for a Better Future

A bus filled with members of the debate team from Zapata High School in South Texas drove more than 500 miles to the Metroplex in Dallas, Texas, to attend the workshop of a CFC-supported organization.
Zapata is a small Texas border town where one in three live below the poverty line.

The Hardest Choice: A Girl Finds Her Way

young girl from India
Finish school, or quit and get a job to help support the family? No child should face that choice. The fact is that in developing countries, many do. Tasleema did. The third of seven children in her family, Tasleema grew up in one of the poorest communities in Karnataka, in southwest India.

A timid dog finds confidence ─ and a forever home

Two men and a dog
Her adventures were documented in diary entries posted on the Facebook page of a CFC-supported organization, and a celebrity shared photos of her on Twitter. Volunteers would line up at pet adoption events just to keep her company. Needless to say, she captured the hearts of just about everyone she met. Now all Minnie needed was a home.
Nathan and Luke had wanted to welcome a dog into their home for some time, but they were having a trouble finding one that fit their idea of the perfect match.

Managing Health after a Stroke

man in a doctor's exam room
Stephen had a stroke while he was talking on the phone with his brother in the grocery store. He was rushed to the hospital where skilled emergency room physicians and staff saved his life, but his speech and motor skills were left temporarily impaired. In the hospital, he also learned he had high blood pressure and diabetes.
Stephen had worked as an accountant since his Georgetown University days, but his company made cuts, so he was out of work and without insurance at the time of his stroke.

Nurturing a Community through Access to Nutritious Food

young girl eating fruit
Cora, a Resident Services Manager within a charity supported by the CFC has a very distinct childhood memory about nutritious food: there wasn’t any. 
This CFC-supported organization is on a crusade to bring nutritious food to a community struggling with hunger. Cora sees a particular importance for providing children with access to the kinds of food that she herself did not have early in life.

Finding Grace through Transformation

happy family
When Shawn was honorably discharged from the Army in 1992, after serving four years with the 82nd Airborne, he moved back to Maryland, without much of a plan. He was living with his aunt and working at a fast food restaurant. Frustration and boredom led him to experiment with drugs, and before long, he was “stealing, robbing and running around on the streets.” Soon he was arrested and awaiting sentencing. 
Home for 90 days after his first incarceration, Shawn returned to drugs. Months passed, and after another incarceration, he moved in with his mother in D.C.

Giving Mark a Place to Call Home

man waving
Imagine living on the streets. Where are you going to sleep? Where are you going to get your next meal? Where are you going to wash your clothes? 
These are the exact decisions that Mark found himself navigating each day since 2011. Thanks to a charity supported by funds from generous CFC donors, Mark recently got back on his feet and no longer has to ask himself these questions.
Mark first became connected to a charity supported by the CFC through their day shelter, and spent many nights there over the last five years.

A Forever Home for Bart

black cat sitting on table
A CFC-supported charity focused on providing help and hope to pets in the Washington metro area discovered Bart at a humane society on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Bart’s right ear was badly scarred due to a severe infection earlier in his life, and he had been at the shelter for many months without any adoption prospects.

A Second Chance for Marie

woman smiling
Just two months after burying her mother, Marie lost her fiancé as well. They were together for 10 years and had a three-year old daughter and a son on the way. Marie soon lost her job due to a contract loss, and then her apartment too. Her stable life quickly began to unravel. Marie turned to her grandmother, who raised her, for a temporary place to stay. 
Marie’s pastor told her about a local women’s center that provides a safe haven for women to learn how to live independently and prepare for the road ahead. She applied and was accepted.