Campaign Contest

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How has your campaign Shown Some Love?

Submit your special events, cause wall displays, stirring stories, motivational leaders, and more!   

The Campaign Contest rewards creative efforts that happen during the campaign season, including special events, written materials, and overall communication strategies. These awards recognize the individuals, reporting units, departments, and agencies that demonstrate the theme of Show Some Love and support the goals of the campaign.

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts with approval from the LFCC. Submissions will be judged on first impression, presentation quality, creativity/uniqueness, communication of CFC messages, and perceived level of effort. Three awards will be given per category (one small, one medium, and one large).

Submissions will be accepted from Dec.1 - Jan. 29. Please download the 2017 Campaign Contest Entry Form for submission guidelines.  


CFCNCA Hero of the Year Awards

Each department or agency will have the option of nominating a CFCNCA Hero of the Year to be honored at the awards event in 2017. The individual nominated will be evaluated based upon two key factors: 1) exceptional commitment to CFCNCA activities as a Federal worker, and 2) dedicated service to communitywide volunteerism on a personal level. 
Campaign Managers, Coordinators, Keyworkers, Loaned Executives, and others may be recognized. CFCNCA Hero Awards will be given in each of the following categories: civilian, military, and postal service. The top three highest-scoring local CFCNCA Heroes (one from each category) will be entered in the National CFC Hero Awards contest, administered by OPM.

To recognize an outstanding individual, submit the Hero Nomination form

Pillars of Success Awards

  • Executive Involvement Award — The department, agency, or reporting unit that best involved the head of the agency and/or senior leadership of their organization in the implementation of campaign activities, events, and communications. You should submit photos, articles, letters, or speeches showing your leaders’ involvement in the campaign.

  • CFCNCA Innovator's Award — Will be given to the department, agency, or reporting unit that exhibits the most innovation in their campaign approach. Winners will be submitted to OPM for national award consideration.

Communications Awards

  • Best Special Event — To the department or agency with the most outstanding campaign rally, kickoff, volunteer involvement, day of caring, or other event. Include pictures, video, scripts, or other media to capture the details of your event. Describe the event, creative team, attendance, special speakers/guests, and other background information in your submission.
  • Best Website/Electronic Communications/Social Media  — The department, agency, or unit that makes the most creative use of the website, video tools, and social media to communicate the CFCNCA story. Submit copies of screenshots of your website or social media post with the entry form. You can also enter in this category: samples of computer network messages, email blasts, calendar/meeting reminders, electronic newsletters, or other ways you electronically deliver the CFCNCA message.
  • Best Poster/Display — To the department, agency, or reporting unit judged to have the most creative poster to publicize CFCNCA and attract contributors to the campaign. Actual poster must be submitted. For larger displays, pictures of the display will be accepted.
  • Best Campaign Essay or Publication — To the individual who creates the best essay or feature story on an employee or charity. In addition, you may enter any internally-created magazine, newspaper, or other printed periodical that does its best to draw donors into the campaign and communicate the appeal of CFCNCA.
  • Best Photography — To an individual or organization for outstanding use of original images to publicize the CFCNCA. The images can show how employees get involved in voluntary activities, how people in need are assisted by CFCNCA-supported charities or artistic and creative ways images are used in the course of the campaign.
  • Best Overall Outreach Program — To the organization that uses multiple techniques to inform and motivate employees to participate in the 2017 campaign.