Jacqueline’s Story

Federal employee holds a Show Some Love circular sign.

My cause is wounded warriors, because I put away my uniform after retirement, but not my support. Jacqueline Jefferson of the Department of Defense stands holding a Show Some Love circle.

Our service members go through so much, and a lot of their hurt and pain is unseen. While it is true they are revered nowadays, they weren’t many years ago. We’ve come a long way, but they need more than ‘thanks’ for what they do and go through to keep our country safe. Some come home, some don’t. Some come home with visible injuries, for others the injury is not visible and the effects last for a long time. All of this to serve their country. I have a very good friend who has been helped by a CFC-supported charity that helps our nation’s heroes. She is doing well today, not completely healed, but every day of progression is a good day.

- Jacqueline Jefferson, Department of Defense

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