Lending a Helping Hand To Those Without a Home - Housing and Shelter

Mother with her son and daughter smiling.

Growing up in a large family of 15, Bishop was surrounded by family who stuck beside one another…until tragedy struck. When he was young, Bishop was molested by one of his siblings, bringing about what would be the beginning of years spent suffering silently in depression.

Bishop worked hard his entire life until one day he got hurt on the job and became unemployed.

From there everything went downhill. He found himself depressed and turned to alcohol to numb the pain. One unfortunate circumstance led to another and Bishop had nowhere to go.

Between the depression and the alcohol, Bishop felt as if there was nowhere left to turn. He was going to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train, but a man grabbed him and told him, “This isn’t for you.” Mother with her son and daughter smiling.

“I truly believe and I know for sure an angel grabbed me. That God sent him… and he brought me to the care of a CFC-supported organization.”

As soon as he arrived at the CFC-supported organization, things changed. It was a completely different atmosphere, somewhere he could feel nervous but comfortable at the same time. After years of battling depression, Bishop was able to open up to his mental health class about all of the pain that he had been holding in for over 35 years, a true step in transforming his life forever. “I feel like I’m in a dream because so much has happened for me.”

“One day when my kids visit, I will bring them here to show them what saved their dad’s life. This mission can change lives and give you hope as long as you want it, it’s here to give it to you. I’m living proof, and I’m going to keep on being living proof.”


After years of abuse, poverty, and dysfunction, Macey and her children had run out of options. Desperate to avoid the streets, they arrived to the doors of a CFC-supported organization.

“I’ve struggled for a long time,” Macey admits. “Bad jobs, abusive boyfriends, moving around a lot. It’s been one thing after another.”

In many ways, these struggles are a continuation of her childhood. Macey came from a broken home, and instability has characterized much her life. This constant chaos has made it nearly impossible for her to provide for her children, too.

Eventually, she ran out of options and came to a CFC-supported organization. For the first time, she experienced a stable, healthy environment to learn and grow in.

“I’m so grateful,” Macey says. “It’s safe, we have beds to sleep on, and it’s been very good for me and my kids, Faith and Greggory.”

Today, both children are doing well in school. They received uniforms and backpacks from the CFC-supported organizatoin. And Macey is especially appreciative of the activities her children get to enjoy.

“There are arts and crafts, plus sports. They never had these opportunities before.”

The family isn’t just having fun, though. Their time here is intensely purposeful. For example, Macey took a parenting class that has dramatically improved her interaction with her children.

“I’m a better mother now,” she explains. “This class gave me the tools I need to connect with my children — to really hear what they’re saying, understand them, and help them mature.”

More effective communication has been a key part of the family’s spiritual growth, too.

“We’re all learning about God, and we talk about the Bible. Faith and Greggory have a better understanding of who Jesus is, and it’s changed their lives,” she says. “I’m still going through some tough things, but I’ve learned to keep my focus on God, and He gives me peace.”

Today, Macey’s life really has changed in every way. She’s working towards her GED and will soon begin career training. She has a bright future!

“I can’t even imagine where I’d be without the help of that CFC-supported organization,” Macey said. “They rescued us from homelessness and opened so many doors for me. This place was an answer to my prayers.”

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