No Place Like Hope - Housing

Picture of CFC donation's recipient

In August 2019, Shileta Gorham was approved to buy one of the CFC-supported organization's affordable housing. This CFC-supported organization's latest affordable housing project is in Shaw. By this time, Shileta had been a resident of Washington, DC, for more than ten years. At 27 years old, she felt like it was time to take the leap and become a homeowner. 
 Shileta first joined the CFC-supported organization's housing project in 2015. To get ready, she paid off her credit cards, consolidated her student loans, and increased her credit score. She began formally searching for homes in 2018 but realized that finding a home in her budget that fit her disability was more than painful. "Searching for a home within my budget that suited my needs became so exhausting and frustrating that I just threw in the towel," said Shileta. "I figured I'd never find what I wanted and was tired of looking, so I stopped searching."  
 A few weeks later, Shileta's lender told her about the ADA-accessible unit available at a CFC-supported organization's property and introduced her to Thomas Caviness (TC), the director. "TC was there every step of the way, guiding me through the process, paperwork, and just being there to answer any questions," said Shileta. For Shileta, homeownership was a measure of independence. "I wasn't sure if my dream of homeownership would ever become a reality," said Shileta. "For anyone interested in purchasing a home, I would suggest this CFC-supported organization and tell you to be prepared to do the work, ask questions, and save, save, save!" said Shileta. "A home is an investment in your future, and it will be one of the biggest, best investments anyone will ever make. I hope my journey will inspire others with a disability to leap to become a homeowner. Trust me; it will be worth it."
 I share Shileta's story with you because what Shileta needed was just a bit of assistance, guidance, and confidence in her ability to succeed. All those pieces and an affordable home makes a world of difference, and without you, and people like you, Shileta could not have achieved what she achieved. She believed in herself because your CFC gifts allowed her to obtain the counseling, guidance, and affordable ADA-accessible home that she needed.
 We value your CFC gifts, and we work to make every dollar count. We put those CFC gifts to work in direct services to the Shileta's who come to us.