New for 2017

Three Federal employees represent their charitable causes, one holding a dog, the other holding a globe and a stethescope and the third in military uniform holding a sign that says

The start of every new CFC season is exciting, but 2017 is an extra-special year. This year, the highly anticipated changes go into effect and result in some fantastic advances to usher the CFC into a new era.

  • Retiree Giving: After years of public service, Federal retirees may want to continue giving back to their community, country, and people around the world. Participation in the CFC is a great way to extend that spirit of service, as the funds raised help those who need it most. For the first time, Federal retirees are invited to support their favorite charitable causes through the CFC with one-time online donations via e-check or credit card as well as recurring donations via credit card.
  • Volunteerism: In addition to monetary pledges, CFC donors will be able to pledge their volunteer time to causes they care about in 2017. Volunteerism provides valuable work experience, builds meaningful community connections, and creates feelings of pride, loyalty, and engagement with charitable organizations. The total number of hours, and their monetary value, may be shared with agencies at the completion of the campaign. The monetized value is not counted toward agency goals.
  • Giving Portal: For the first time, we now have one centralized giving portal where all contributors can go to make a pledge. This one-stop, user-friendly, web-based giving system is built to state-of-the art security standards to protect private information and conforms to the highest standards of FEDRamp, FIPPS 199, and FISMA requirements. Donors will be able to complete a pledge with a few clicks and payroll allotments will be safely transferred to Federal finance systems automatically.
  • Charity Applications: Voluntary health and welfare organizations can apply to solicit charitable contributions from Federal employees and members of the uniformed services at their places of employment or duty. Beginning this year, all charities wishing to participate now apply through one online portal. This will eliminate redundant campaign administration functions and streamline the application process for both charities and the campaign. For more information visit the Application Process page for Charities/Federations.
  • No cash contributions: Donating with cash is no longer permitted.
  • Promotional Days: The CFC will celebrate four promotional days during the campaign to encourage engagement throughout the Federal community and make giving fun and meaningful:
    • Kickoff Day on Oct. 2 when the Federal community will celebrate the kickoff of the 2017 camapign.
    • Show Some Love Day on Nov. 2 where the Federal community will be asked to show and tell about their favorite charitable cause using a cause board.
    • Giving Tuesday on Nov. 28 where the Federal community will support this global day of online giving by aiming to make this the highest pledge day of the CFC.
    • International Volunteer Day on Dec. 5 when Federal employees and retirees will be encouraged to pledge volunteer hours through the campaign and share their volunteer experiences with co-workers, family, and friends.