Retreat for Wounded Warriors - Veterans

Veterans kneel holding hands.

“Sometimes it feels as if some in the medical field want to kill you with their combat cocktail of pills. Yet, a CFC-supported organization showed us that we are not crazy, nor tried to label us as such they treated us with dignity and respect. I’m always and forever grateful for this experience.” Veterans kneel holding hands.

“By far, better than anything I have ever received in 42 years of searching and asking.  This is a conscious, well-thought-out training, not therapy, conducted by veterans for veterans with veterans.”

“They have helped me to see the good and not just the bad. At one of their retreats, isolation from the outside world gave me the time and space to concentrate on just me. There were no distractions, which meant there were no excuses.”

“It was the first time ever feeling accepted into a team that unconditionally loves and respects me, and would do anything to help me.  A very real, palpable sense of camaraderie. Clear communication and experience of the practices offered to promote growth.  Clear, compassionate, authentic, repeated messages that I am good, deserving, strong, courageous, and authentic. A guided series of events that led to complete letting go of my past, and preparation for building a new me and a new future.  Help in understanding the relationship with others, and how to foster healthy relationships.”

“The presence of authentic, supportive, compassionate, accepting brothers-in-arms was invaluable. So was a safe, beautiful place in which to do it.  The use of warrior methods, like archery, meditation, and horses was extraordinary."

“After years of recovering from a spinal injury, TBI, and PTSD this was the perfect retreat for my family. A moment to pause from the day-to-day struggles and just enjoy each other and the serene surroundings. Kayaking the river and seeing a bald eagle fly over was amazing. The staff was so nice and we really enjoyed meeting other families around the campfire. Thank you so much for helping my family along our path of recovery.”

“Thank you does not adequately express our gratitude! We were blessed to have this time to reconnect as a family! A CFC-supported organization provided us a safe place to spend time together away from the stress & demands of everyday life. The staff was amazing! The family enjoyed archery, fishing, hiking and listening to the sounds of the stream outside. Thank you for everything!”