Success Stories

Mint's Story

Mint Two-year old Mint, who had not yet even raced, was diagnosed with a displaced slab fracture that could cause arthritis and degenerative joint disease. If surgery could be performed and healing time was available, Mint would recover. Unfortunately, the owner could not afford the surgery or rehabilitation, and would need assistance in order to save Mint. 

Audrey's Story

Audrey's photoWhen Audrey was just eight months old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Audrey’s family was referred to a CFC-supported research hospital, where her treatment included chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor, a bone marrow transplant, radiation therapy and antibody therapy.

But on the last day of Audrey’s treatment, scans showed that the cancer had returned. 

“We were devastated,” said her mom, Corinne. 

Immer's Story

My cause is protecting our oceans from pollution. Growing up in Puerto Rico, the ocean was my life. I would go to beaches almost daily to fish and surf. I cannot recall how many times I have seen beaches littered with trash or going fishing and reeling in a plastic bag. After one too many of those experiences, I decided to do my part and clean up local beaches with groups of friends.

Mary's Story

My cause, access to sports for individuals with disabilities, is important to me because I have seen how much these sports programs can help increase confidence, independence, and fitness, just by reducing the barriers to participation. This cause is close to my heart because I have a brother with down syndrome, so for as long as I can remember he has been playing baseball, participating in competitive sporting events, and engaging in other sports leagues specifically for people with disabilities.