Success Stories

Nub Chin's Story

Nub Chin Nub Chin and her family currently live in a malaria endemic forest in Kratié Province, Cambodia. Many of her fellow villagers are smallholder farmers who work on their farms daily in order to make a living, so malaria has the potential to significantly impact their work life when it goes untreated.

Mark, a Veteran's Story

mark Veteran By now it is no secret that the transition from military to civilian life poses several challenges to countless veterans. These challenges can compound when veterans enter academia after several years removed from formal education. One CFC-funded organization helps student-veterans confront challenges head-on while cultivating the skills and confidence required for success in the classroom.

Rocky’s Story

Vince and Rocky As an advocate for the cause of animal welfare for many years, I finally adopted my first dog from a greyhound rescue. I adopted Rocky in January 2015 from a CFC charity that rescues greyhounds from being euthanized after their racing careers end. Rocky was six years old when I adopted him and really underweight for such a large dog. He was returned to the agency for undisclosed reasons by a family who had previously adopted him. But that didn't matter to me! Rocky was a beautiful boy, and I was more than eager to adopt him and bring him home.