Yowanda’s Story - Human Trafficking

Yowanda Godfrey of the Department of Defense stands smiling.

My cause is human trafficking. My journey began several years ago when some friends opened my eyes to this crime against humanity. Human trafficking is modern slavery, affecting millions of people around the world. In the U.S., the most prevalent forms of human trafficking are child sex trafficking and labor trafficking, affecting hundreds of thousands. Yowanda Godfrey of the Department of Defense stands smiling.

What is most eye-opening to me, is the fact that most of these victims are hiding in plain sight. Joining the fight to end this injustice is a passion placed in my heart that has motivated me to volunteer and help wherever I can. In addition to decreasing the human trafficking footprint, restoring lives, and working to create better laws, CFC funding will allow anti-human trafficking organizations to build safe houses; provide tangible needs for survivors; obtain technology to aide in research; obtain care services from licensed professionals; provide training materials; provide mentors and advocates; and create more programs to further initiatives. Prior to 2018, I supported other causes through CFC, but not anti-human trafficking. It was exciting to find not only is there a category for this cause, but there are so many charities on the CFC roster with this mission. Now, I support several charities, at once!

Yowanda Godfrey, Department of Defense