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Latest News & Events

CFC National Hero on Capital Insider

Loaned Executive Tom Crispell's Interview on News Channel 8

Watch Tom Crispell of the Central Intelligence Agency discuss the campaign on Capital Insider on News Channel 8.  Tom is a current Loaned Executive and a 2012 CFC National Hero Award winner.

Capital Insider Interview with Tom Crispell - August 28, 2013

Loaned Executives Visit with Charities and Federations

To help the new Loaned Executives gain a better understanding of the 4,400 participating CFC charities, on August 7th the LEs walked a few blocks down 17th Street to the headquarters of the American Red Cross.  Charleen Hartman, an LE from the Department of Transportation, noted, “Visiting the Red Cross gave me a greater appreciation of what it takes to run a charity.”

Welcome to the 2013 Loaned Executives!

This week, CFCNCA headquarters welcomed the 2013 class of Loaned Executives for training — this dedicated group of federal employees will work with the campaign full-time for the next six months to ensure that their assigned agencies have a successful 2013 Campaign.  We have a record-setting number LEs this year, and we are excited that they have joined the CFC family.  Here is a list of this year’s wonderful Loaned Executives and their home agencies:


2013 Campaign Leadership Training

Save the date!

Mark your calendars for the 2013 Campaign Leadership Training — the official campaign-wide kickoff event!  Whether you are new to the CFC or a seasoned veteran of this campaign, the Leadership Training is an invaluable opportunity to meet face-to-face with campaign leadership, network with colleagues, share best practices, meet with your team, and learn all about the new marketing strategies for 2013.