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Latest News & Events

NIH "Director's Challenge"

The NIEHS Video for the NIH Director's Challenge

For this year's CFC, the National Institutes of Health implemented a "Director's Challenge," for which all Directors were asked to create a short video that encouraged their employees to donate.  So far, there have been some incredibly creative submissions.

Vince Micone Visits CFCNCA Offices

LFCC Chairperson meeting with CFCNCA staff and LEs

LFCC Chairperson Vince Micone visited CFCNCA Headquarters yesterday morning for an informal and interactive meeting with staff and Loaned Executives.  The LEs briefed Mr. Micone on the status of the campaign at the ground level. The robust dialogue unearthed many great ideas, leaving staff, LEs, and leadership with the fuel to make the 2014 CFC the best it can be.

BBG "Movember" Kickoff

BBG Movember Kickoff

Earlier this month, a division of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG/IBB/VOA) kicked off "Movember" (also known as "No-Shave November") to raise money for CFC.  The month is designed to bring awareness to men's health issues.  BBG employees donned mustaches (real or fake!) and posed with a cardboard cut-out of Ron Burgundy — a character from the comedy movie "Anchorman."  It is clear from the photos that the BBG team had a great time at this event!

NASA Administrator CFC Video

NASA Administrator Video

In an excellent display of leadership involvement, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden appeared in a Campaign video and encouraged NASA employees to give.  As we enter the holiday season, he states "...this year, as you begin to contemplate holiday shopping, why not shop for a charity or two to support?"  Mr. Bolden reminds us that "Make it possible" is a call to action and that resources like keyworkers are always available to help.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

TAPD Creates New "Ice Bucket Challenge"

Lisa Hone getting drenched for CFC

The Telecommunications Access Policy Division (TAPD) of the Wireline Competition Bureau (within the Federal Communications Commission) made a unique promise to their employees: If CFC participation reached 100%, TAPD managers would have buckets of ice dumped on their heads!  

Fortunately (or unfortunately for the managers), 100% participation was reached.  WCB's TAPD Managers (Lisa Hone, Ryan Palmer, and Jonathan Lechter) all endured the cold, stating which causes or charities were important to them before getting doused with ice water.

CSOSA and PSA Football Game

The winning team: PSA

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) and the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) teamed up for a lively game of flag football on the National Mall!  The competition was fierce (but friendly!), and all competitors paid an entry fee to benefit the Combined Federal Campaign.  The game was authentic as could be, complete with CSOSA cheerleaders and a trophy for the winning team.

CSOSA Halloween Event

CSOSA Halloween Event

The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) had a Halloween-themed event, during which donors and campaign workers snacked on delicious baked goods, popcorn, and other Halloween treats. As part of the festivities, a Halloween cake was raffled off.  During the event, the agency received pledges (both paper and electronic), and raised over $235!

FSIS Bake Sale

FSIS Bake Sale

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, held a bake sale last month to support of the CFC. They were visited by Thermy, the food safety thermometer, who brought enjoyment and laughter to the lunchtime event. Pictured with Thermy are the wonderful bakers of FSIS and Unit Coordinator Carl Mayes. 

USACE and ACHP Joint Kickoff Event

USACE and ACHP Kickoff

Last month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Advisory Council on HIstoric Preservation (ACHP) held a joint Campaign Kickoff at the National Building Museum. Speakers included Chase W. Rynd, President and Executive Director of the National Building Museum, as well as John Fowler, Executive Director of the ACHP. The event also featured an old-fashioned ice cream social and a charity fair with a variety of CFC-participating charities.

BBG Kickoff

The BBG CFC Team

The Broadcasting Board of Governors held their CFC Kickoff in October, featuring an array of charities and speakers!  Vicki Brimmer, BBG's Campaign Manager, opened the program and introduced the rest of the team.  She was followed by inspiring words from people like former NFL punter Mike Bragg, as well as several charity representatives.  Attendees were charmed by the adorable guests brought by the animal-themed charities.  BBG employees left the event feeling inspired and ready to make it possible for the 2014 CFCNCA.