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Success Stories

A Child’s Dream Becomes Reality

A young boy.
Through a wish-granting CFC-supported organization, Avantai, a 6-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, was granted his dream vacation. The organization brings to life the dreams of children who are living with life-long chronic illnesses, physical challenges or trauma from abuse.
For Avantai, this dream was a trip with his family to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and LEGOLAND.

Moving from Soldier to Student – Mark’s Story

Veterans studying together.
By now it is no secret that the transition from military to civilian life poses several challenges to countless veterans. These challenges can compound when veterans enter academia after several years removed from formal education. One CFC-funded organization helps student-veterans confront challenges head-on while cultivating the skills and confidence required for success in the classroom.
Mark, a U.S. Army veteran, began his intellectual journey at a small community college in Alabama.

Ryan and Luke – How a Service Dog is Helping a Veteran Heal

A service dog stands with his soldier.
While working at a military medical center, Julie, a music therapist and wife of military veteran Ryan, was introduced to the executive director of a CFC-funded organization. She kept in contact and, during this time, she learned about the organization and talked often about visiting the dogs that were in training at the end of her day. It was at about this time that Ryan was coming to terms with the fact that he had PTSD and needed help. 
A few months into treatment, doctors placed Ryan on medication that altered him in ways he did not like.

A Mother’s Determination Brings Hope to Her Child

A nurse stands beside a man.
When soon-to-be parents are asked if they want a boy or a girl, most people say they just want a happy, healthy baby. For one mother, that answer took on a special meaning when her beautiful baby girl Leandra was born with sickle cell anemia.
After spending the first year of her daughter’s life crying, bemoaning the fate of her baby and family, Leandra’s mother snapped out of it and took action. “I may not be a medical professional but I know how to get attention,” she said about her decision to start a foundation to help fund sickle cell research.

The Story of Esperance: From Horrors to Relief

Esperance had had a life of more horrors than most of us can imagine. As a girl living in the Congo, robbers held her father at gunpoint and demanded gold that he did not have. Unable to give them what they asked for, they killed him and would have murdered his wife and children had they not fled to neighboring South Sudan. There, Esperance’s newly widowed mother struggled to find food and shelter for her children.
As Esperance was in her late teens, a South Sudanese family offered to help Esperance’s family on the condition that Esperance marry one of their sons.

Forming a Bond of Trust

A man stands with his dog.
Gracie is a very special dog – one of the best a CFC-supported organization had. For a long time, Gracie waited for an equally special someone who both needed and could appreciate her.
Gracie was never the typical Labrador who automatically loves the next person who walks in the room. While she is very affectionate with "her" people, Gracie takes time to bond to newcomers. Gracie also loves to work.

Upholding Justice and Promoting Peace

A group poses for a picture.
One CFC-supported organization has had great success in making sure justice is met and upheld internationally.
One case led to the passage of the “Maria da Penha Law” in Brazil – the first law outlawing domestic violence within the country. Since then, more than 300,000 abusers have been prosecuted, and more than 100,000 imprisoned.
Another case sparked reform in Paraguay, following the litigation of two cases addressing execution and forced disappearance of child soldiers while in military training camps.

Aviation Program Helps Students Take Flight

Students preparing for flight.
It’s important for children to have a positive outlook on life. Every parent wants their children to succeed and believe they can do anything they put their minds to.
With charities in place to give children the opportunity to receive scholarships, certifications and college preparation courses, this dream of success becomes a reality.

Life Improves for Landmine Victim in Afghanistan

As a young man, Ahmad earned an income through agriculture and livestock, providing enough money to help support his parents and pay for his marriage. However, his ability to care for himself and his family was suddenly taken away when he stepped on a landmine while digging an irrigation canal. His sister, who was nearby at the time of the accident, was also injured in the blast. 
Ahmad’s injuries were severe and he was hospitalized for two months. His family had to sell all their sheep and borrow almost 100,000 afghani ($1,451) to pay the medical expenses.

Providing Our Veterans with a Smooth Transition to Education

Recently, a CFC-funded organization ran immersive college preparatory programs for service members transitioning from the military to college. Samantha, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was one of the participants at Georgetown University. This is her story.
A little over a year ago, Samantha encountered a crossroads that inevitably all service members must face – what would she do now that her active duty tenure had ended?
As an Arabic linguist in the Marine Corps, Samantha had learned a useful skill and was able to use it extensively.