Some of the campaign’s most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to Show Some Love and say “thank you” to department, agency, or installation leadership, campaign workers and donors. Recognition and appreciation build morale and a strong foundation for next year’s campaign. The CFCNCA offers a variety of ways to recognize your department, individual offices, campaign workers, and donors.

Department or Agency Awards:

These awards are calculated by CFC Support, and may be ordered by Campaign Managers at the end of the campaign. 

  • Million Dollar Circle Award – raise more than $1 million in donations.
  • Summit Award - increase total dollars raised by 3 percent.
  • Participation Achievement Award - increase participation by 2 percent.
  • eGiving Award - increase in online donations by at least a 10 percent with a minimum of 10 online donations. 
  • 100% Goal - meet 100 percent of goal (awarded to reporting unit, agency or department). 

Reporting Unit Awards: 

Reporting unit award plaques are available for those reporting units with 100 or more; for units with less than 100 a downloadable certificate will be available. The Impact Award is available in certificate form only. 

  • President's Award - 75 percent employee participation or $275 per capita gift.
  • Chairperson's Award - 67 percent employee participation or $225 per capita gift.
  • Honor Award - 60 percent employee participation or $175 per capita gift.
  • Merit Award - 50 percent employee participation or $125 per capita gift.
  • Impact Award - available to all departments, agencies, and reporting that have achieved success. 
  • 100% Goal - meet 100% of goal (awarded to reporting unit, agency or department).

Campaign Worker Certificates:

Certificates will be made available for Campaign Workers to download and print. Certificates can be distributed at the conclusion of the campaign.

  • Best Campaign Awareness Award - for Vice Chairs, Campaign Managers, Campaign Coordinators and other members of your CFC team
  • Special Service - for campaign workers who have provided outstanding service to the campaign
  • Certificates of Appreciation - for each Keyworker

Eagle pinDonor Recognition

Single and double eagle pins are awarded to donors who pledge 1% or 2% of their salary, respectively. Pins will be distributed upon request to campaign workers by their Loaned Executives. Eagle donors must self-identify to their Keyworker in order to receive their pin.