Chaim Did It, You Can Too - Education

Group shot of charity workers

Or Chaim has been a student at this CFC-supported organization for fifteen years. Born with health conditions, he spent the next seven years seeking medical help from doctors who predicted that he would never walk, communicate, or be independent in any way. His mother, Miri, heard about this CFC-supported organization and decided that this might be his last opportunity. Her trust was well placed, as, from day one, we saw his potential.What a heroic journey it has turned out to be for Or Chaim! After years of different kinds of physical therapy, Chaim’s belief in himself and hard work, we see a 21-year-old full of life. Today Or Chaim walks unaided, communicates efficiently, swims independently, and participates in the Special Olympics! Additionally, after discovering Or Chaim’s musical inclinations, this CFC-supported organization arranged for him to have voice lessons where he doesn’t just sing but also plays the piano, repeating the melody by ear. Or Chaim enjoys life to the maximum.It is thrilling to see where he has landed today. Or Chaim has been accepted to a high functioning assisted workshop where he can enjoy a fulfilling vocational and social life. He was accepted to a program where he will study middle eastern music. We will miss Or Chaim, but wish him well in his future endeavors.