Karyn’s Story - Police Families

Karyn Walker of the Department of Defense stands smiling.

My cause is support for police families. My father is a fallen police officer. He served with Prince George's Police Department. Karyn Walker of the Department of Defense stands smiling.

A charitable organization stepped up and was there for my family during and long-after his passing. I had a delayed start pursuing a higher education, but this organization was there for me when I was ready to go to school. I received numerous scholarships from them, which kept me motivated after years of struggling with my father's passing. Other programs for survivors include conferences, peer-support, counseling reimbursement, summer camps, programs for teens, and retreats for spouses. The CFC is important because it brings awareness to causes, like mine, that might not typically cross someone’s mind. This exposure opens the door not only to compassion, but aids organizations in fulfilling their mission to the community they serve.

Karyn Walker, Department of Defense