Keeping Families Together at Ronald McDonald House Hawaii

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii
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Subtitles: Jerri Chong ƒ?? President, RMHC Hawaii Detailed Description: Hunter Gentry has come a long way from the scary days of his premature birth. His mom Lela talks about the vital support she and her family received from Hawaiiƒ??s Ronald McDonald House during a very challenging time. Transcript: [gentle guitar music] The Ronald McDonald House is a home-away-from-home providing a network of safety and support for families in need. But this extension of family, is really made possible only because of the generosity of a community that really cares. Lela, Parker, and Hunter Gentry Mom, Lela speaking about her son Hunter: When he was in the hospital as an infant and thereƒ??s tubes all over. Heƒ??s in this machine. You donƒ??t know what to really do. Yourƒ??re scared and I just wanted to get my child better and I didnƒ??t want to worry about anything else. I didnƒ??t want to worry about where am I going to stay. The Ronald McDonald House gave me that place to stay, and helped me and gave me a home-away-from-home. (sounds of running water) He likes to paddle. Heƒ??s always in the water and when you look at him today, youƒ??d never know anything was wrong. [gentle guitar music] The Ronald McDonald House ƒ?? keeping families together when they need each other the most.