Kristen’s Story - Dementia Research

Kristen Bastis stands smiling.

My father, a long time FDIC employee, was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia several years ago. Alzheimer’s has a seven to 10-year trajectory from diagnosis to death, with most people going through defined stages of care. Vascular Dementia is much less predictable, as the progression of the disease depends on what happens inside the brain of the affected person. Kristen Bastis stands smiling.

The changes in cognition can hold steady for years and then drop significantly without warning. Sudden changes in mental ability can cause significant danger to the person and their family and caregivers. This unpredictability also brings the added stress of not knowing how long to plan for care and the intensity and corresponding cost of that care. I believe the CFC can have a profound impact on dementia research for the same reason I believe the CFC in general is important; because the large federal workforce can use its numbers to advantage. It is wonderful when people can make large contributions, but small donations from a large percentage of the federal workforce can make a significant contribution to funding any of the causes. So, give what you can because the adage, “many hands make light work”, is true.

Kristen Bastis, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation