Sandra's Story - Supporting Multiple Causes

Graphic representing multiple causes

Graphic depicting various causes supported by Federal Campaign WorkerI am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother who cares about family, particularly children's welfare. As a Veteran, I contribute to charities that assist those who've have given so much to our country. I struggle with anxiety and depression, as does my son, and would like to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. I'm an LGBT Ally who supports Equality and hopes through awareness to end violence against this community. I am a breast cancer survivor, as was my Mom and my sister was recently diagnosed and hope someday, there will be a cure for ALL cancers. I care about food security, environmental protection, and animal welfare. I could probably advocate for each Cause/Category/Charity as I have either been touched in some way or love/know someone who was affected. I participate in CFC. I am a Keyworker because I want to raise awareness to the many Causes and organizations that depend on financial contributions to continue to provide much need services, information, support, and assistance to the many individuals across the nation requiring them. I believe it's through these charities we can raise awareness to specific causes and help those in need.

Sandra Leonardelli, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency